Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC)

Payment Fees:

Employment: $66

$31 (must provide volunteer letter from the agency where you intend to volunteer)


$31 (must be a full time and provide valid student card)

Fingerprints: $111 based on results of the check, fingerprints maybe required to confirm the identity of the applicant, this fee will be paid at the time the fingerprints are taken. A letter from a volunteer organization will waive the cost of the fingerprint fees only - there is still a fee for the record check.

The Vulnerable Sector Check will include the following information as it exists on the date of the search:

·         Outstanding entries, such as charges and warrants, Judicial Orders, Peace Bonds, Probation and Prohibition Orders

·         Criminal Convictions from CPIC and/or local databases.

·         Summary Convictions, for 5 years, when identified.

·         Absolute and Conditional Discharges for 1 or 3 years respectively.

·         Criminal charges resulting in a disposition of Not Criminally Responsible by Reason or Mental Disorder.

·         All record suspensions as authorized for release by the Minister of Public Safety.

·         In very exceptional cases, where it meets the Exceptional Disclosure Assessment, non-conviction dispositions including but not limited to Withdrawn and Dismissed.

You will be notified via email to attend one of our customer service locations if your check requires fingerprint submission for completion. Who requires fingerprints?

Please note that the timeline for receiving the results of your Record Check may be delayed if your record is complex and require further research.

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